Frequently asked questions


My profile:

Do I have to complete the whole profile?

There are a number of fields in your profile that you are required to fill out. We do however encourage you to make your profile as complete as possible. Because trust is an important foundation of Horizon Club, other members who want to get in touch with you about booking your home use your profile to get to know you. The more you write about yourself, your holiday house and the surroundings, the better they can plan their trip.

Do I have to upload a proof of ownership?

Uploading a proof of ownership document is mandatory. It can be the original ownership document, a utility bill with name and adress  or an insurance doculent. The document you upload is not going to be publicly visible online. Only when a rental is booked, both parties are able to check the respective documents. In this way, Horizon Club is kept safe and trustworthy.

How do conversations work?

When you are viewing someone's profile, you can click on the 'Get in touch' button in the member pane, in the upper right corner of the page. You can ask all the questions you have, get to know one another and fine tune an agreement. You can also choose to do a request right away. A private conversation is then started. All the exchanges between two members, that is messages, request, accept, money payment and review are bundled in this particular conversation. You receive a notification at your emailaddress when you have a message or request. If you do not receive these in your inbox please check your spambox. 

Can I refer back to conversations?

Conversations contain all messages, agreements and payment infomation and can always be accessed. 

How do I delete my profile?

If you log in on Horizon Club and go to 'Account' you can find a button to deactivate your account. If you want Horizon Club to just hide your account for a while, you can contact us and we'll temporarily make it invisible.


Safety and Privacy

Who can add a property on Horizon Club?

Only the legitimate owner of a second home that has been accepted as member of Horizon Club  can add a property at Horizon Club. 

How does Horizon Club verify profiles?

Horizon Club verifies your email address. 
We further curate and check profiles of all applications
before admitting them to the club. We personnally engage with every candidate member, ask for proof of ownership and copy of ID's. All of these details will of course be kept private. 

Is it safe?

Yes, booking and renting holiday houses through Horizon Club is safe. We verify and screen every application before admitting it to the Club.  Through our network, you will have ample opportunity to get to know and check out the people you’re dealing with. No money exchanging is involved between members. The only fees to be paid run through Horizon Club.

Is my privacy protected?

We take good care of your personal details and will not provide these to third parties. Last names are not visible on Horizon Club and your personal details can not be seen by others. 

Who is responsible for eventual damages to the property during a stay?

The Host Member understands that each Guest Member is responsible for damages while they occupy a Host Member’s property. Guest Members are fully responsible for the activities and actions of those who use the Host Member's property during the dates of the reservation including family members, guests and invitees. As a Guest Member, you agree to be financially responsible for any damages caused to the property, whether caused by you, your family members, guests, or invitees. HORIZON CLUB requires that each Guest Member reimburse the Host Member for any and all such damages that may be caused by their stay. 

Practical Stuff

Are pets allowed? 

No pets are allowed unless the property description specifically allows for pets. Your confirmation must state that pets are allowed. Upon receipt thereof, the Host Member is to be notified by a Guest Member of the Guest Member's intention to bring pets, as well, of the types/breed of such pets. Any violation of this policy could result in the forfeiture of Membership and any Horizon Credits. If pets are allowed and agreed to by both parties, the owner of the pet is responsible for the yard cleanup of any pet "deposits."

Who is responsible for cleaning of the property?

As a Host Member, you further agree to have your property clean and ready for occupancy by the Guest Member, upon arrival. The Host Member is also responsible for cleaning the property, following the Guest Member's departure.  

Which services and amenities associated with the property are available? 

As a Host Member, you warrant and agree that all ordinary and customary services will be made available to the Guest Member including, but not limited to, electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment, and that all customary appliances provided in the home are in good and working order.
The Host Member also agrees to make any necessary arrangements to provide the Guest Member with access to the normal amenities associated with the property. If extra services are available or required with an extra expense to the Guest Member, then Host Member agrees to notify HORIZON CLUB of these service charges, in order to be approved by HORIZON CLUB, in advance, and posted thereafter on the Host Member’s property page. 

What if my booking gets cancelled by the Host Member?

Host Members are not permitted to cancel any booked stays in their property for any reason. If a Host Member chooses not to honor a booking, a refund of all Horizon Credits will be made to the Guest Member. In this instance, by way of restitution, the Host Member is responsible for the refund of the credits to the Guest Member via HORIZON CLUB, as well as for any costs incurred by the Guest Member in relation to the booking. Failure to pay such costs, upon demand, shall subject a Host Member to forfeiture of their Membership and any Horizon Credits earned. Member agrees to be financially responsible for all consequential damages sustained by a Guest Member resulting from the failure or refusal of a Member to make available a home to a Guest Member following the completion of a confirmed reservation. 

What if I want to cancel my booking as a Guest?

If a Guest Member cancels their reservation, for any reason, there are no refunds available to the Guest Member of either fees or Horizon Credits. HORIZON CLUB has tried to make this program as flexible as possible for owners/Members and this policy is in the best interests for both Host and Guest Member. In the event of a Guest Member cancelling, it is their responsibility to notify the Host Member and HORIZON CLUB. HORIZON CLUB will re-post the stay for other members to potentially reserve and in the event that it is reserved, the Guest Member will receive a refund of their Horizon Credits.

What if I want to change the available weeks I offered on the platform? 

As long as those weeks are not booked by a Guest Member, you are free to change the weeks you offer to the Club. When making changes, we do require you to inform Horizon Club and to offer at least the same amount of weeks as you initially did.


Costs and payments

How does payment of service fees work?

When your booking request is accepted by a host member, a payment link will appear in your conversation. Clicking on 'payment' will lead you to secure online payment provider Mollie where you can use various payment forms. The service fee we charge for using the Horizon Club platform and its services is 10% of the rental fee of the booked house. If, for example, you book a 1 week stay at a house with Horizon Credit value of 20 credits/week, we will charge you 200€ excl. VAT. (1 Horizon Credit is 100€) 

How do I establish Horizon Credits rental fee for my house?

This is something you have to establish yourself. If you already commercially rent your second home, you are aware of the fees asked per season for your type of house. Otherwise you can see on rental sites what similar houses rent for in the different seasons. Horizon Club offers you the option to have different rental fees for different seasons. In your home profile, you can create your own seasons according to the popular periods in your area and designate different credit amounts to every one of them. 

Why do I have to pay through Horizon Club?

The payment runs through Horizon Club to protect all parties. It is a safe environment where only members with login can enter. Payment of your service fee also triggers the flow of credit points from the Guest Member to the Host Member.

What does Horizon Club cost?

There is no membership fee or annual fee. You only pay a platform service fee whenever you book a holiday house of one of our members. No cure ,no pay. 

Can I get a deposit when renting my holiday house?

HORIZON CLUB exchange is not a rental program and therefore does not allow a Member to receive rental income for use of Horizon Credits or the bookings they have made. Nor can the Member transfer, trade or sell the above for value. Receipt of rental income, or transferring Horizon Credits or reservations beyond the terms of the club, subjects the Host Member to forfeiture of both their Membership and any Horizon Credits in their account. In like manner, no Host Member is permitted to charge or require security deposits from a Guest Member at any time or under any circumstances.

Can I - as Host member - charge the Guest Member for extra services? If as a Host Member you offer additional services like daily maid service, mid-stay cleaning, access to fitness centra, usage of vehicles or other property additional services , this can be offered at a cost to the Guest Member, but such costs must absolutely be outlined on your property’s description page prior to a reservation.