How Horizon Club works

A select club with unique holiday homes

Do you own a luxury holiday home abroad? A cosy holiday cottage in your own country? Let your second home in exchange for credits via Horizon Club and enjoy fantastic holidays in other beautiful properties.

Connect - Explore - Enjoy

Your membership

Horizon Club is a ‘members only’ platform for owners of holiday homes, apartments and villas. Is this something you’d be interested in? Register your holiday residence in three easy steps and receive your first Horizon Credits.

Your Horizon Credits

Will you let your holiday home in exchange for credits 1 or 52 weeks a year? It’s entirely up to you to choose when you open your second home to guests. Based on availability and the rental value of your holiday lodgings you will receive an initial balance of credits good for at least one relaxing holiday.

Your next holiday

Your Horizon Credits give you the opportunity to book a unique holiday with fellow second home owners: in an exclusive villa, for example, or a trendy metropolitan loft. Scroll through our offering, make your choice and start planning your holiday.


A relaxing holiday for you? Our mission!

An empty holiday home is not a problem; it is a fantastic opportunity. Your second home is the key to the carefree letting of your own holiday property and discovering surprising accommodations. We will be happy to put you in touch with pleasant proprietors and unique accommodations.

Where will you spend your next relaxing holiday?