How to earn Horizon Credits

When you register with Horizon Club your holiday home will be assessed in terms of Horizon Credits.  Your new balance of credits will allow you to book at least one carefree trip to a fellow second home owners’ holiday home. Travel to a cottage by the sea, a luxury loft in the big city or a spacious holiday villa with your family. It’s entirely up to you how to spend your credits and enjoy an economic holiday!
There are four different ways to collect Horizon Credits. As a reminder; 1 Holiday Credit is worth 100 euros.

1. Availability
You will receive your first Horizon Credits immediately after we have accepted your membership. The number of credits depends on the rental value of your holiday home and the number of weeks you make it available via Horizon Club. In exchange for every week that you open the doors of your holiday accommodations, you will receive credits. A great deal: after all, there’s no need to wait until the first people book your own holiday lodging. As soon as your country estate has been placed online you can book your first unique holiday! 

2. Booking 
When your holiday apartment or home is booked you will receive Horizon Credits from the party booking the accommodations and your balance will automatically be updated. In addition to this, you will independently manage the weekly rental value of your second home. This can be adjusted flexibly in your Horizon Club profile, depending on the season.

3. References 
Sharing is caring, and this goes equally for Horizon Club. Do you have any family members, friends or colleagues with a country estate abroad or a holiday home in your own country? Introduce them to Horizon Club and send them an invitation email via your Horizon Club profile. Will they register their holiday home via your code? You will receive 10 Horizon Credits in return! Read more about it here.

4. Purchasing 
Don’t have enough credits to book the holiday of your dreams? No problem. Horizon Club would not want to deny you a relaxing holiday and will enable you to purchase up to 30% of your current balance. You can buy a limited amount of Horizon Credits at the cost of 20€ per Credit.