How to get started

Easy registration, accommodations and enjoyment

Register your second home near you or your holiday home abroad with Horizon Club in three easy steps.

Step 1

Register your holiday home, villa or apartment in just a few clicks on this page. Put your holiday lodgings in the spotlights with high-quality photos, an enticing description and availability dates.

Do you have any questions about the registration process? Your Horizon Account Assistant will be happy to be of assistance and can be reached on +32 497 462 914.

Step 2

As soon as your membership has been accepted, you will receive a fine initial balance of credits based on the number of weeks that you will make your second home available, and its rental value. The initial balance of credits is good for at least one relaxing holiday.

The more frequently your holiday home is available and the more valuable it is, the more Horizon Credits you will receive. A win-win situation!

Step 3

Scroll through our list of holiday homes, take in all the wonderful options on offer and start dreaming about your next holiday destination. Book your holiday directly with the owner of your favourite holiday home and make the necessary arrangements concerning arrival and departure. Enjoy!

Have you exchanged your credits and received your confirmation? Now all that’s left is to look forward to your holiday, count the days and make some wonderful plans.