Trust and safety

Have you decided to let your luxury apartment, family holiday home with a pool or modern holiday accommodations in exchange for credits via Horizon Club?

If so, you can count on the greatest trust and consideration for your privacy. Your second home is in good hands. 

Transparancy and flexibility 

  • Membership is entirely free of charge.

  • It is entirely up to you how many weeks you make your holiday accommodations available, from 1 to 52 weeks a year.

  • When you book a holiday, you will pay only 10% of the actual rental value.

  • You are free to leave the Horizon Club whenever you wish. However, together with your membership you will also be giving up your connection to country estates at the exclusive holiday destinations of your dreams.


Verification and discretion

  • We thoroughly screen every candidate before granting them access to our platform.

  • We also check if every member is genuinely the owner of the holiday lodgings they offer.

  • We hide the contact details, locations and availability dates of the holiday accommodations from non-members. 



  • Horizon Club can act as mediator between Host Member and Guest member in case of differences.

  • Our Host Guarantee programme will compensate eventual dammages in case the Guest Member is unable or unwilling to pay, Read all about it in our Terms.